Microgaming No Deposit Bonus

Microgaming no deposit bonuses

Are you new in the gambling industry and still trying to figure out how Microgaming works? The games they provide and the best casino bonuses attached? You are in the right place. They say, “in life, nothing good comes easy”, but casinos prove that some good things in life are free. Microgaming no deposit bonus is no exception.

Online casinos are using Microgaming no deposit bonuses to attract new players into signing up for membership. This is a way of marketing their brands and new game additions. Once casinos have players glued to the Microgaming games, they will start making deposits. Before we get back to playing microgaming games, let’s first understand what microgaming no deposit bonuses are and the forms in which casinos set them.

Types of Microgaming No Deposit Bonus Codes

No Deposit Bonus Codes

Microgaming is one of the popular online software providers in the gambling industry distributing games to casinos worldwide. One of the reasons why Microgaming stands out is the ability to create and introduce new games frequently. You will never go wrong with Microgaming; even though there are hundreds of its games out here, each game has a unique feature that does not relate to another.

Microgaming casino games are easy to play and understand, and most casinos use them on promotional offers. They lure the United States and UK players into signing up for membership. These promotional offers can be for launching a new casino or introducing a new casino game. They are sometimes referred to as free bonuses. It can either be a deposit bonus or no deposit bonus reward. This article will focus on the no deposit bonuses that microgaming casinos offer players to try microgaming games.

Before new players claim Microgaming no deposit bonuses, it is essential to understand if it is supported in your region. If you are from the United States, ensure the laws in your state favors online microgaming casinos. Note that the best microgaming new no deposit bonuses are in two different forms. They include Micro-gaming no deposit free spins and no deposit free credits. Let’s see what differentiates them.

No Deposit Free Spins

777 Free spins

Free spins microgaming bonus is very popular among online casino UK players. A casino will reward its new customers with bonus spins upon creating an account on their website. Let’s say 20 free spins on a specific game. With bonus spins, new players are limited to certain games. Each free spin is set to match a specific game. If you feel like you wish to try a game that is not in the bonus package, you have to make a min deposit.

Best microgaming casinos can also use no deposit free spins bonus as a reward for making a deposit. Casino caps the amount to a min deposit. When you exhaust your bonus spins and wish to continue, you will make a cash deposit. For example, when you deposit $20, the casino will reward you another 10 free spins.

Free spins microgaming bonus has wagering requirements. Players must understand these requirements and apply them strategically where terms apply. Below are some of the bonus spins you are likely to encounter;

  • 10 free spins bonus
  • 20 free spins bonus
  • 50 free spins bonus
  • 100 free spins bonus
  • 200 free spins bonus

No Deposit Bonus Credits

If you are a player who wants to make your own game choices, then this no deposit bonus is for you. Players select the best microgaming games that interest them and wager using the no deposit bonuses. Microgaming casinos mostly use this reward as a welcome bonus to new players. All you have to do is create a casino account, verify your details, and claim your new microgaming no deposit bonus.

Some casinos will require you to use a bonus code when claiming the bonus offers, so ensure you have these codes. Suppose you do not see the code on the promo poster, contact customer support for assistance. Playing with micro-gaming no deposit bonus credit is one way to familiarize yourself with the best casino games, learn few strategies, and win real money without spending a single dollar! You can try out games like Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck II, and Jungle Jim El Dorado.

The advantage of this bonus fund is that a casino can also reward you with free spins. This is usually called the first deposit bonus. For example, if you make a minimum deposit of $50, the casino rewards you with 30 free spins. You can, however, use the free bonus spins to wager on selected games.

Casinos can also reward players with a match bonus when making a cash deposit. Casinos will set a max bonus to match what you deposit. For example, a casino may offer players a match bonus of 50% if they make a cash deposit of $100.

How To Claim a Micro-gaming No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonuses

Every month or so, microgaming casinos introduce a new bonus. Finding the best microgaming no deposit bonus is one thing, but finding an online casino with favorable requirements is the problem. The terms and conditions of these bonus offers vary with a casino. So, it is advisable to research on casino’s requirements before hitting that play now button.

Also, do not waste your time to claim a bonus offer if you know gambling is illegal in your state. For example, while most casino games are restricted in the United States, others are allowed. It would help if you also were of adult age to register an online casino. Probably over 18 years for UK players. Once you check all the above details, follow these steps to claim your microgaming new no deposit bonus.

  1. Hit the “play now” button. You will then be redirected to a casino link that requires you to create an online casino account.
  2. The casino will want to verify your details, so make sure they are legit. The details to enter will be your name, address, email, and sometimes credit card details. However, some casinos will ask for it during cash withdrawals.
  3. As soon as the casino verifies your details, a notification will be sent to your email confirming the bonus funds deposit. If the no deposit bonus requires a bonus code, you will use a link sent to your email to enter the code. Only then will the casino deposit your bonus funds into your account.
  4. You are now free to wager on the best microgaming game of your choice while you stand a chance to win real money.

What are no deposit bonus codes

no deposit bonus codes

No deposit bonus codes, also known as promo codes, are popular in online casino bonuses. They are codes or numbers that players need to enter before claiming a no deposit bonus. You are likely to see “claim $5 no deposit using BONUS3 code” when searching for a new microgaming no deposit bonus. Casinos use these codes to differentiate the bonus packages on offer. You will find them on the promo posters. Once you key in the bonus code, the casino will credit your account with free bonus cash.

Not only do players use promo codes to claim their free deposit casino bonuses. There are two other methods of claiming a no deposit bonus. They include;

Automatic deposit: An automatic deposit means that players will automatically receive their casino bonus cash after creating a casino account. You do not need to enter any bonus code.

Contacting customer support: When you click the claim bonus button, you will first need to sign up for an account. Signing up requires your details such as names, address, email, phone number, and sometimes credit card details. Once you are set, the casino customer service will contact you. They mostly call to confirm your identity. Only then will they credit your account with the new no deposit bonus.

Micro-gaming Bonus Terms and Conditions Explained

You probably must have heard this a million times. Read and understand the terms and conditions. Players may not see the importance of reading all the T&Cs until you hit those microgaming slot table games. Every casino has its bonus rules so, do not just assume that these rules apply everywhere.

A microgaming casino player should understand the rules attached to a microgaming no deposit bonus. Do not claim the bonus blindly and wager on a game that is not in the bonus package. For example, If you receive 55 free spins on starburst, do not use the bonus spins on the book of dead. You will be risking losing your account and any other game progress in it. To cut the story short and give you a head start, the following are some of the terms and conditions of microgaming bonuses you are likely to bump into.

Time Limits

When you claim your microgaming casino bonus funds, the casino will give you a time limit to exhaust your bonus funds. Depending on the amount, these time limits range from between 7-30 days. You must wager these bonuses within the set time or risk losing all your progress and winnings. Make sure you claim a flexible bonus. This way, you will be able to try out lots of games and finally pick a favorite.

Max Withdrawal

The casino will set the highest amount of cash to withdraw in case you win using the microgaming no deposit bonus. Microgaming casinos can’t give you free money and watch you win extra cash with it. They will be operating at a loss. No matter how small the amount is, you still get to take some cash home without digging into your pockets. Let’s say a casino gives you a $5 no deposit bonus with a maximum withdrawal of $50. In case you win more than the capped amount, the casino takes the remaining balance.

Restricted Games

This rule mostly applies to free spins bonus offers. If you claim 30 free spins on starburst, you cannot wager these spins on Mega Moolah or book of dead. In case you do so, then the casino will invalidate your free spins bonus, and you will have to make a deposit to continue.

Note that you should understand the casino bonuses that are restricted. On the other hand, no deposit credit bonus is flexible. You can rarely find restricted games on this casino bonus. If you are a player who knows the kind of game to try, then go with the no deposit bonus offer.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are essential in online microgaming casinos. Players must understand what it means before claiming that microgaming no deposit bonuses. Casino players refer to wagering requirements as playthrough. These are the rules of a game from the time it begins till the end.

For example, a bonus offer could be a $5 no deposit bonus with a 35x wagering requirement. This means that a player has to wager 35 times using the $5 bonus to redeem cash. The same applies to free spins bonuses. If you receive 50 free spins with a 35x wagering requirement, you must do the same. The only difference is that you have to use spins and not cash.

In case players go against the wagering requirements, the casino will invalidate their progress. You will not withdraw or redeem any of your winnings. Depending on a casino, fines may also be imposed on such players.

About Microgaming

Microgaming logo

Microgaming came into existence in 1994. It is one of the biggest service providers in the igaming industry and works with over 400 online casinos globally. Their games are known by casino players to be one of the best thriller games to try. The features of these games stand out that players push them to create more.

Almost every month or so, microgaming launches a new game. These games are unique in their ways. So far, casino players are enjoying more than 500 microgaming games on casino bonus offers. This means that only a few software providers like NetEnt and Play n Go can rival microgaming. For almost three decades, microgaming has made 14 casino players millionaires. This makes their games a target by players.

I can’t even say the amount of awards microgaming has won in the United States. They are celebrated as developers of iconic games such as the Game of Thrones, Terminator, and Jurassic World. These awards set the bar high for them as one of the best service providers in the game – top-notch services with quality games.

All microgaming games are mobile. This means that players do not need to worry about rushing to get a PC or laptop. You can use your mobile device to bet just like other players. All you need to do is create an account on a mobile casino and claim a new bonus.

Most Popular Microgaming Games You Can Play With No deposit Bonuses and Free Spins

Like above, microgaming has numerous games all over casinos worldwide, including the United States. Knowing the popular ones is essential as a new gambler. This is because you will do your research based on these microgaming slot games to learn the winning strategies. It will also help you in choosing a microgaming best no deposit bonus you feel is worth wagering.

New players can bet anywhere in any mobile casino so long as they have an internet provider. You can also cash out your winnings using your mobile device or redeem for free spins. Knowing your bonus balance is also easy with a mobile device. An icon at the bottom of your screen will show how you are spending your deposit credits or free spins no deposit.

While the list is endless, there are a few microgaming games that stand out. Read below.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a microgaming slots jackpot game. It features African animals theme safari hunting for a jackpot. The graphics in this casino game will make you feel like you are enjoying the African safari sunset. It has low volatility, which keeps you playing for long, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

The four jackpots in this game make it more popular among online casino players. It has made several players millionaires.Doing so, it continues to hold the Guinness World Record as the most won game in online casinos. Most microgaming casinos have this game because it highly pays and markets their brands . A new microgaming casino can find it on the microgaming site Quickfire. If you want to try it out, ensure you understand the terms and conditions plus wagering requirements attached before claiming a new no deposit bonus.

Thunderstruck II

If you are an old school fan of gods, this is your game. Since its launch in 2010, this game continues to attract the attention of casino UK players. Being an improvised version of the original Thunderstruck, playing Thunderstruck II is fun. It bases on Nordic Mythology, which involves Thor releasing a wild storm for you to win. The game has medium volatility, which gives players a 50/50 chance of winning. You need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to bag free money with this game.

Jungle Jim El Dorado

If you ever played book of dead by NetEnt, this game looks like a continuation of the book of dead. It is one of the most celebrated microgaming slots game with 5 reels and 25 paylines. Jungle Jim El Dorado is an adventurous game featuring rolling reels. I love adventure, so this game is one that will keep you glued. Do not worry because the game is mobile device enabled. It also has medium volatility so ensure you are well armed before wagering on this game.

Parting shot

By now, you must be up to date with how microgaming no deposit bonus works. All microgaming slots games are mobile-enabled, so do not agonize. You can also claim your match bonus via your mobile device. But before then, ensure you understand all microgaming casino games where terms apply. I won’t go for a bonus with a high value like 200 free spins if you ask me. These bonuses will keep you playing a specific game for longer periods delaying your chances of winning real money.

A new casino can use microgaming new no deposit bonuses to lure players and gain recognition. Ensure you take advantage of these new casinos and their bonus offers. Their terms and conditions are not always as strict as casinos in the game for long. You will, however, have to sign up and use a bonus code where terms apply.

Your geographic region is another factor that you should not forget. This applies mostly to the United States and UK players. We know the United States has very strict guidelines when it comes to gambling. Make sure your state supports online casinos before registering for membership.

Online casino games are gaining popularity because players can wager at their comfort. Rules of casinos differ with the online casino games available. To avoid confusion, make a selection of the games you wish to try and do thorough research on them. You must master the wagering requirements on your fingertips to avoid getting into trouble with the casino.

Remember Bert Ambrose, who once said, “You don’t gamble to win. You gamble so you can gamble the next day.” This is a way to enjoy your leisure time while taking chances to win real money. Gamble responsibly and use your money wisely. Also, watch out for a max bonus because it will either work in your favor or against you. Visit begambleaware.org for more guidelines on safe gambling.


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